About VPN America

What We Do

We offer our customers a premium VPN service.

You receive a VPN or tunnel using OpenVPN. Custom solutions using IPsec, WireGuard, GRE, etc will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

We assign to you as many US public, routable IPv4 addresses as you can justify, if available. There is no Network Address Translation (NAT) between the IPv4 internet and you. You receive all inbound connections from the global internet directly to your site. You will receive an IPv4 "tunnel address" and your network block will be routed to that address. This allows you to do whatever you like with said addresses.

The only outbound connections we currently filter are TCP port 25 (SMTP). You will need to send your outbound email via another path.

This is not your typical, commodity VPN service. This is a structured IT solution for providing routable, United States IP addresses to you regardless of your location.

Common Use Cases:

  • Provide routable addresses to a site where none are available, such as a site behind NAT or Carrier-Grade NAT (CGN).
  • Provide mobility of routable addresses since the OpenVPN connection can come from anywhere in the world at any time.
  • Run hosted servers like inbound SMTP servers, web servers, etc. without relying on Dynamic DNS, etc. (Your outbound mail will have to be sent via another path.)

How do I get started?

Just Sign Up for a 7-day free trial

How long does it take?

You will receive an email containing everything necessary to configure the OpenVPN client on your router in about 24 hours. This service is geared toward a Site-to-Site configuration, not a Remote Access environment, though it is possible to configure a workstation if it can be configured to utilize the routed subnet.

Your Requirements

For anything larger than an IPv4 /29 assignment, you must complete a justification form that will satisfy RIR requirements for the addresses and provide information so we can RWHOIS or SWIP your address assignment to you. This permits us to assign addresses for your use and allows you to control reverse PTR/in-addr.arpa DNS for your assigned addresses. VPN America can provide PTR/in-addr DNS service on request for an additional fee.

The service provided by VPN America should be treated as a WAN connection. You are responsible for proper firewalling and filtering of connections from the internet to you over the service. This includes connections from other VPN America customers.

Any addresses we assign to you are non-portable. They are not your property. They will revert back to VPN America upon termination of service. They might also be terminated for fraudulent or misleading justification filings.

This is not an Internet privacy service, though we can and will encrypt your data between us and you to the best of our ability. We do not log any traffic over your VPN outside of what might be necessary to diagnose and solve problems you report.

We cannot guarantee bandwidth since we do not control every hop between your and our endpoints. We do guarantee that our termination points will not be the bottleneck and that we will work with our providers to ensure the best possible delivery of your traffic should any problems arise that are within that scope.

We cannot guarantee that your desired destinations will not be blocked from these source addresses at some time. Content providers can block whatever source addresses they desire to enforce things like geo-location of certain content, etc.

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